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      Our Location

      505 South Burg Street,

      Kimball, NE 69145

      Board of Trustees

      Kimball County Commissioners

      County Commissioners

      As a county-owned health care facility, Kimball Health Services falls under the jurisdiction of the County Commissioners. Each year, a commissioner is appointed as a liaison for the hospital.

      Members of the Kimball Health Services Hospital Board of Trustees are appointed by the Commissioners.

      By virtue of being a county facility, the hospital can be supported with public funding generated by a property tax levy. However, it is a point of pride that Kimball Health Services has not had to make a tax request for many years.

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      Kimball Health Services Board of Trustees

      Board Members

      Kimball Health Services is a county-owned facility, governed by a five–member board of trustees who are appointed by the Kimball County Commissioners. The trustees serve 6-year terms.

      Jim Cederburg

      Jim Cederburg (Chairperson)
      Appointment in 2010
      Current term ends January 2025

      Jerry Knutsen

      Jerry Knutsen
      Appointment in 2010
      Current term ends January 2028

      Karen Morrison

      Karen Morrison (Vice-Chairperson)
      Appointed in 2012
      Current term ends January 2025

      Kayla Fennell

      Kayla Fennell
      Appointed in 2022
      Current term ends January 2024

      Kathy Porter

      Kathy Porter (Secretary)
      Appointed in 2014
      Current term ends January 2026

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