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      Medical Technologist

      Job Posting

      Medical Technologist

      Kimball Health Services seeks a full-time Medical Technologist in Kimball, NE

      Job Duties

      Conducts chemical analysis of body fluids such as blood, urine, and spinal fluid, to determine presence of normal and abnormal components. Studies blood cells, their numbers, and morphology. Performs blood group, type, and compatibility tests for transfusion purposes. Analyzes test results and reports findings to the health-care provider. Performs quality control studies to ensure accuracy of clinical data. Performs routine preventative maintenance on assigned instruments and equipment according to established schedule and procedure. Verifies instrument functioning by checking and calibrating specific lab instruments and documents data. Records on instrument logs any repairs replacement, and maintenance needed of equipment. Performs all the responsibilities for testing personnel conducting high complexity testing as defined by clia 88. Maintains phlebology skills to include venipunctures, capillary draws, and arterial punctures. As required, draws appropriate blood specimens from patients following standard operating procedure for identification of patients, specimen collection, labeling, and handling. Recognizes and responds to abnormal test results and follows established policies of notification and documentation of these abnormal test results. Identifies problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results and corrects the problems or immediately notifies a supervisor or medical director. Demonstrates competency and proficiency in performance of testing, maintenance procedures, performance of quality control and problem solving. Assures that billing and clerical duties are performed in a timely manner, with all required signatures.

      Minimum Requirements

      Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology. A minimum of 36 months of work experience as a Medical Technologist. Must also be ASCP or AMT certified and read and write English.

      Submit resume to Kimball Health Services, Stephanie Pedersen and reference this posting in the cover letter.

      Additional Information

      Position Type:Full Time

      Contact Information

      Stephanie Pedersen


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