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      Info for Visitors

      Info For Families


      Visitors can be good medicine for patients and family members, and friends are welcome to visit. While we do not have specific designated visiting hours, all visitors must sign in and receive a pass to be worn on the premises for the north end of the hospital building near the patient unit and emergency rooms. Please stop at the hospital admissions office to pick up your pass. Passes are not required on the south end by Rehab Services, Outpatient Clinics and the Rural Health Clinic.


      Family members and friends can call directly to the telephone in your room from outside by dialing (308) 235-1952 and the bed's extension number. The admissions desk or the nurse’s station can give you this number during admission.

      When you are here and want to call outside the facility, dial "8", then the local phone number. To contact a hospital operator, dial "0". To place a long distance call, you must use a calling card. Dial "8" then the toll-free number on your calling card.

      Visitor Meals

      We offer visitor meals at a minimal cost to allow a patient’s friends and family to join them for a meal. Meals must be ordered in advance at the hospital nurses station.


      Kimball Health Services is a smoke-free environment. This supports our commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace while promoting the health and wellbeing of our employees and patients. Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside or outside our facilities.

      Mail Delivery

      We will deliver mail to your patient room. Please tell anyone who may be sending you mail to address it to:

      ATTN: (Your Name)
      Kimball Health Services, 505 South Burg Street, Kimball, NE 69145


      Deliveries for plants and flowers should stop at the nurse’s station to make sure a patient can be visited. Otherwise, our staff will see that the delivery is made to the patient's room.

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