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      Skin Care Clinic - Dr. James Broomfield, MD

      Patients earning their living off the land or working outdoors are at particular risk for skin cancer. Dr. Broomfield's deep concern for these patients was the motivation to establish a skincare clinic. Clinics are offered at Kimball Health Services in Kimball, Nebraska, and at the Pine Bluffs Health Clinic in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. The clinics feature treatment of various skin abnormalities, skin cancer screenings, simple to complex skin closures, biopsies, cryotherapy, and removal of skin lesions.

      “If you think you have skin cancer or you think something is growing that looks abnormal—and abnormal things are things that are bleeding, things that are crusting a lot, things that are irregular and dark… dark blues, dark black colors… all of those things that are changing— you don’t want to wait.”

      — Dr. James Broomfield

      Kimball Health Services Specialty Clinics

      505 South Burg St.
      Kimball, NE 69145

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