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      505 South Burg Street,

      Kimball, NE 69145


      Dr. Jeffrey T. MacMillan, MD & Karen A. Wenner, APRN, DNP

      Now taking appointments!  No referral needed!

      Call 308-235-1981 to make an appointment.

      Dr. MacMillan & Karen Wenner

      Dr. MacMillan is a Harvard-educated and board-certified orthopedic surgeon with the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and over 30 years of experience.  Karen Wenner is a doctorate-prepared orthopedic nurse practitioner and surgical first assist.  She has worked closely with Dr. MacMillan for the last 10 years.

      This dynamic orthopedic team diagnoses and treats ailments and trauma affecting muscles, ligaments, bones and joints including sports injuries, degenerative diseases, tumors, infections and birth defects.  Joint repairs and replacement surgeries are performed utilizing MicroPort Orthopedic products when other treatment options have been exhausted or eliminated.

      Dr. MacMillan prides himself on delivering consistently high-quality treatment and particularly likes working with patients who have had less than satisfactory results elsewhere.

      Accepting urgent and routine referrals.  Surgical services include but are not limited to:

        • Total knee, hip and shoulder joints
      • Fracture management:  closed reduction and open reduction internal fixation
      • Rotator cuff repair
      • Tendon repair
      • Carpal/cubital tunnel release
      • Trigger finger release
      • Bursectomy, cyst excision
      • Wound debridement/management

      “We like to see people who have not been satisfied or are not ending up with the relief they were anticipating,” he said. “There’s a challenge there and is satisfying professionally. And it’s rewarding to take someone who is either in pain or broken and getting them back to function. It’s obviously important for them, and it's gratifying for us.”

      — Dr. Jeffery MacMillan, MD

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      505 South Burg St.
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